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8 Ways To Stay Motivated To Get Fit And Crush Your Goals

Updated: Feb 12

Don’t we all wish that we had the same motivation level every day of every week all through the year for our workouts and meal planning! I do! But then life happens to all of us and with it comes new struggles, change in priorities, and change in commitment to old priorities. It’s ok if you have experienced it. All of us have one time or another.

Being out of sync for a while, say a week or ten days at max, is ok. Actually, it’s even advisable to give yourself a break from anything you do as a routine every once in a while, maybe a week in a few months, and for someone else it may mean, a few days a month. Whatever works best for you.

But taking breaks very often will result in a lack of motivation creeping in and you will find it extremely difficult to get back on track again.

The reason I know this is coz I have been through it on one or two occasions, where I got complacent and overconfident about my abilities to get back to my fitness level from where I had left off, before taking a break. Sometimes the reason was injuries. And believe me when I say, getting back to the same fitness level and the same routine becomes an uphill task if you have been away for long.

So what all can you do to be motivated, whether you are just starting your fitness journey or whether you are further ahead:

1. Take small steps

If you are at the beginning of your journey, start with small steps that don’t overwhelm you and you feel confident about doing them repeatedly to build your routine. That confidence will motivate you, that you have it under your control. If you are intermediate or advanced level, keep smaller goals for the times when you are injured or not feeling motivated enough. For instance, instead of doing a workout, you could just walk for 15-20 minutes.

2. Allocate time for your exercise/workouts

First, you need to figure out what time of the day suits you best for your workouts. Are you an early riser and prefer early morning workouts? If are you a late riser and are extremely rushed in the morning, then evenings would suit you better.

Get into the habit of time blocking to slot out your workouts in your weekly calendar at the beginning of the week. Give your workouts the same importance you would give any other activity of yours.