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9 Ways To Build A Bullet Proof Immunity Naturally

Updated: Apr 12

Nature heals and cures. But do we believe that and use it to our advantage? Ask yourself, would you take nature's help to heal yourself or would you prefer medication for everything? I would think the latter because that is fast and doesn't need a good lifestyle as part of the prescription rather it asks for popping a few pills for a brief period of time while making you believe that you are being cured of whatever problem you have. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am a doctor and surgeon so I would definitely know that. As a surgeon, I would prescribe natural remedies wherever possible even after surgeries, and keep the medication to a minimum but in so many lifestyle-related conditions, cancer included your immunity plays the main role.

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Good immunity is not built overnight rather it takes a certain way of living for it to be built over time, but once you have it you will end up winning most battles in life, related to any health conditions. This is especially true for growing children. You can boost your immunity naturally by using the principles of Ayurveda and a little bit of self-care.

According to Ayurveda, negative emotions, contaminated environment, over medication and intake of antibiotics, being overweight (or underweight), unhealthy lifestyle, and bad genes are the main reasons for weak immunity. But a lot of people put the entire blame on genes which isn’t one of the main reasons because the environment is always stronger than our genes. Based on these, I am sharing a few super easy ways by which you will not only boost your immunity naturally but will also reduce your visits to the hospital and will enjoy have a long life too.

1. Practice Deep Breathing for strong immunity naturally

Doing Deep breathing exercises after getting up first thing in the morning is the most beneficial for strong immunity. Try doing Anulom Vilom and Kapalbharti (diaphragm breathing) on a daily basis. A research study by P A Balaji, Smitha R Varne, and Syed Sadat Ali published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, cited various physiological health benefits of yoga practice and meditation.

Anulaum-Vilaum is a deep breathing exercise where you inhale from your right nostril and exhale from your left nostril alternatively.

Diaphragm Breathing

Kapalbhaati Pranayam is basically diaphragm breathing that involves inhaling air in the belly and short explosive exhalation, alternatively. You deep inhale and then contract your lower belly below your navel pushing air out of your lungs forcefully. This rejuvenates pancreatic activity resulting in its increased capacity to produce insulin and better blood circulation. Further, effective utilization of glucose in your body and better metabolism. An excellent and free method to get bulletproof immunity naturally.

2. Replace Negative With Positive and Constructive Thoughts:

Negative emotions like hatred, murmuring, complaining, jealousy, anger, worry, guilt, fatigue, can be big reasons for the decrease in strength of life (Ojas). So, the crux of the message is to shun negative emotions and replace them with a positive and constructive thought process for stronger immunity naturally.

You could do this by diverting your attention to some mind engaging and stress-busting activities such as doodling, reading a book, watering plants, journaling. Keeping the company of happy and mindful friends will help you in the long run to find your own reason to be happy. And not engaging in criticizing, backbiting, and gossiping about others will preserve your energy levels. So, focussing on positive emotions is will serve two purposes – boost your immunity naturally and increase your productivity.

3. Meditate for 10 Minutes Each Day

Meditation that is mainly a part of Indian Yoga and Buddhist practices is now helping individuals all over the world enjoy good health and a strong immune system naturally. Now, various scientific researches back the fact that mindful meditation improves brain activity, reduces blood pressure, and improves immune function. According to a research group of women who practiced Loving – Kindness meditation were discovered to have long telomeres which are the protective covering on the chromosomes, hence providing better immunity.


Just 10 minutes of meditation every day will be enough, according to research conducted by the University of Waterloo to help you get closer to bulletproof immunity. It will help tune down your internal thoughts of anxiety and allow you to focus and optimize your minds and body.

4. Indulge in Mild to Moderate Exercise

If you are aiming a bulletproof immunity naturally and long life, daily mild or moderate exercising is better than excessive exercising. Recent studies have shown a direct correlation between moderate, regular exercises and a strong immune system. Regular mild exercising will help you to be less susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. There is no correlation yet to show that you will have better immunity only if you did strenuous exercises.


So, you can start with moderate regular physical activities such as walking, skipping elevators and taking stairs, walking to the nearby market to fetch groceries rather than taking your car, walk down to the office or metro station as and when time allows. More reason to indulging in some household activities like cleaning, getting up for your glass of water, and other things than just calling out your helper.

5. Get Lots of Good Quality Zzzz

Sleep well! If you are the one not sleeping well, you may be increasing your chances to fall sick. By not sleeping well, especially for long, you expose yourself to more virus attacks such as common flu, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Get More Sleep

As an adult, you need to catch 7-8 hours of quality sleep, teenagers 9-10 hours, and school-going kids, more than 10 hours. During sleep, your body produces protective cytokines that come to your rescue under stress and infectious attacks for you to have a very strong immune system.

6. Drink more water

Water is the best naturally available immune booster. Water helps carry oxygen to your body cells, removes toxins from your body. More water means fewer toxins and a positive immune system.

Add lemon juice to warm water and you are ready to fight the common cold, prevent diseases as Vitamin C is known to be a great immune booster. Did you know that simply drinking warm water or sipping hot tea, that carries antioxidants helps your body destroy harmful free radicals and even protect against cancer?

7. Eat Right, Eat Clean

Processed foods, preserved foods, bakery products, convenient foods are unhealthy foods that contain salt, soda, MSG, refined flour, and refined sugar. These put the burden on the digestive system and result in a slower metabolism. As a result, the body cells’ capability to fight viral infections reduces.

8. Add Spices and Herbs to Boost Your Immune System

We are blessed to have spices that add to the healing effect on the body cells and tissues and facilitate the digestion process. Where turmeric and cumin are known for their ability to remove body toxins, the black pepper acts as a cleanser.

Try adding more ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves, cloves, and other herbs such as fresh thyme, basil, oregano in your cooking and concoctions and increase your Ojas, immune system. These are found to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties from the Vedic times and also as per a report published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences

9. Create Your Own Tonics to Strengthen Immune System

Why need to buy expensive powders and remedies when you can create your own at home with the things available in your kitchen? Here are my 2 most favorite and easy-to-make tonics that will help you fight infections and get a better immune system.

a. Ginger & herb tea (Kaadhaa)

Take 2 cups of water and add crushed ginger. Also add five-10 tulsi leaves (Sweet basil), 1 clove, 1 bay leaf, crushed pepper, and cardamom. Boil it till it reduces to half. Strain it and sip it hot.

b. Turmeric golden milk

Boil milk and add a tablespoon of turmeric powder. Add, a little bit of sugar just to make it palatable. Turmeric milk tastes good though. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and the curcumin present bountifully in turmeric plays a potent role in boosting immunity and fighting many diseases.

So, practice above to boost your and your family’s immunity. Keep reading this blog as I share important resources to help you live healthy and long. You can even make a firm promise to be healthy by signing up for my newsletter. I promise I won’t let you miss out on any important information.

Stay healthy, stay well.

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