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9 Ways To Build A Bullet Proof Immunity Naturally

Updated: Apr 12

Nature heals and cures. But do we believe that and use it to our advantage? Ask yourself, would you take nature's help to heal yourself or would you prefer medication for everything? I would think the latter because that is fast and doesn't need a good lifestyle as part of the prescription rather it asks for popping a few pills for a brief period of time while making you believe that you are being cured of whatever problem you have. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am a doctor and surgeon so I would definitely know that. As a surgeon, I would prescribe natural remedies wherever possible even after surgeries, and keep the medication to a minimum but in so many lifestyle-related conditions, cancer included your immunity plays the main role.

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Good immunity is not built overnight rather it takes a certain way of living for it to be built over time, but once you have it you will end up winning most battles in life, related to any health conditions. This is especially true for growing children. You can boost your immunity naturally by using the principles of Ayurveda and a little bit of self-care.

According to Ayurveda, negative emotions, contaminated environment, over medication and intake of antibiotics, being overweight (or underweight), unhealthy lifestyle, and bad genes are the main reasons for weak immunity. But a lot of people put the entire blame on genes which isn’t one of the main reasons because the environment is always stronger than our genes. Based on these, I am sharing a few super easy ways by which you will not only boost your immunity naturally but will also reduce your visits to the hospital and will enjoy have a long life too.

1. Practice Deep Breathing for strong immunity naturally

Doing Deep breathing exercises after getting up first thing in the morning is the most beneficial for strong immunity. Try doing Anulom Vilom and Kapalbharti (diaphragm breathing) on a daily basis. A research study by P A Balaji, Smitha R Varne, and Syed Sadat Ali published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences, cited various physiological health benefits of yoga practice and meditation.

Anulaum-Vilaum is a deep breathing exercise where you inhale from your right nostril and exhale from your left nostril alternatively.


Diaphragm Breathing

Kapalbhaati Pranayam is basically diaphragm breathing that involves inhaling air in the belly and short explosive exhalation, alternatively. You deep inhale and then contract your lower belly below your navel pushing air out of your lungs forcefully. This rejuvenates pancreatic activity resulting in its increased capacity to produce insulin and better blood circulation. Further, effective utilization of glucose in your body and better metabolism. An excellent and free method to get bulletproof immunity naturally.

2. Replace Negative With Positive and Constructive Thoughts:

Negative emotions like hatred, murmuring, complaining, jealousy, anger, worry, guilt, fatigue, can be big reasons for the decrease in strength of life (Ojas