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Fiber– The Natural Cholesterol Fighter

Updated: Apr 12

If you have frequent complaints related to digestion or constipation or even high cholesterol, then the fiber content in your diet is not adequate. Instead of visiting your doctor to get some artificially prepared supplements for constipation, why not find out how to get these things naturally in our diet.

There are 2 types of fiber in our diet. These are soluble and insoluble fibers.

We can’t digest them so why are they still so important. That is because our gut bacteria in the large intestine ferment these fibers to produce fatty acids which have various health benefits.

Soluble Fiber

They are so-called because the carbohydrate molecules are water-soluble and form a gel-like structure in water.


Oats, oat bran, dried beans and peas, nuts, barley, flax, chia, fruits like oranges, bananas, blueberries, and apples.

Their Job:

To reduce the serum or blood cholesterol levels by helping in quick excretion of the bile acids in the stool rather than letting them be recycled in the liver. They also help the excretion of sex hormone by-products.

Insoluble Fiber:

These are primarily found in the structures that make up the plants’ rigid cell walls. These do not react with water.


Celery, root vegetables, dark green leafy vegetables, fruit and vegetable skins, whole grain seed hulls, seeds, and nuts.

Their Job:

To add bulk to stools and to ensure regular bowel movements.

Therefore fiber in general

……..helps us feel full longer ……..lowers our blood lipids and cholesterol ……..keep our gut healthy ……..ensure proper movement in our digestive system

………aids weight loss

The optimal amount for women is around 35g/day and for men is 48g/day.


People suffering from either inflammatory bowel disease or colitis may feel better if they consume lesser fiber than recommended daily dose during acute phases of the problem.

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Every component of food has a value to it and a very specific reason why it should be a part of our diet. Their benefits sometimes, come to our awareness only after we suffer from some problem related to their deficiency in our body.

Fiber plays a vital role in keeping our gut healthy and this alone should be a good enough reason to have it in every meal as it will prevent a lot of nutritional deficiencies from occurring.

Fiber is one such component of our diet that is very easily overlooked, thinking that if it passes undigested, it couldn’t be that important in our diet. So let’s be more prudent, understand its value and not wait for the problems to show up in our bodies and then decide to change.

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