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How Air Conditioners are Sabotaging your Health & Efficiency Silently?

A lot of people living in the cities, along with the millennials today, have become very quick at making decisions based on one and one thing only - and that is their level of physical comfort. This is so because under the explanation of high stress conditions, long working hours, work from home, lack of time or lack of patience it is considered ok, if comfort is the primary factor behind all decision making.

But does that really help always and is that the right way to go about things? Or are you damaging your well being in many ways by making yourself a prisoner of your own habits by always seeking highest levels of comfort over what's good for you in the long term?

One such comfort that people are very quick to turn to as soon as the summer hits their cities is the use of air conditioners. Sometimes it's as early as spring that the air conditioners are switched on and run through the night.

I still remember the time when we were growing up, when my grandfather would never put on the cooler even during the hottest months of the year unless we were sleeping in the afternoon and at night he used to try to make us sleep on the terrace, under the stars, just with a table fan to keep the breeze coming and to get rid of the mosquitoes. It used to be extremely hot in the beginning but slowly the temperature would start dropping and it first became comfortable and then it would get really cool towards the morning.

As kids we hated this and this was usually during our summer vacations, but it was a very profound lesson we were given in understanding nature and trying to adjust our comfort to be in connect with the weather as much as we could. And that is exactly why today I can stay without air conditioners through most of the day and teach my kids the same. When we put it on, it is for extremely brief periods and at a temperature just below room temperature without making it extremely chilly either during the day or at night.