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How to make the best out of the Home Quarantine?

Updated: Apr 27

Have you ever heard of the bear hibernating? During hibernation, the bears go into hiding for prolonged periods of rest, have a slower heart rate, slow metabolism, lower body temperature, and slower breathing.  Basically, the bear lies low for the winters and comes back well-rested with a bang, a big appetite, and a raging metabolism. Consider this quarantine to be like your hibernation.

Unlike bears, human beings do not need to hibernate because of good access to food during the cold winters along with a good shelter to protect them from the harsh winters. But following the principles of hibernation,  we could lie low during this quarantine while still doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work. So, when we are done with this period we can get back into normalcy, very well prepared and with a big bang. 

So, sharing a checklist of a few behind-the-scenes jobs that you can do to prepare yourself for high energy come back post quarantine. 

1. Take ample rest

With too many household chores to finish and many added duties, it is extremely easy to get overburdened with work.  Your mind and body may have been begging for rest for a very long time,  but you couldn’t give it because of your day job and other family responsibilities. This is your TIME! TAKE REST. This is your forced hibernation. A time like this will never come back again so make the best use of it.

How to make the best out of quarantine

2. Sort out your documents

So, has it happened with you too that someone needed an important document and the whole house was looking for it, creating panic? This would invariably lead to stress and possibly an argument trying to search the whereabouts of the documents. Use this time to throw away the unnecessary documents and organize the important ones into different slots like financial, school, medical, receipts, etc. 

How to make the best out of quarantine-sort-out-documents

3. Declutter your laptop

Do you often think of coming back to your files later when you have the time? Just like me! And, in no time, you have mountains of information lying unorganized. So, don’t let it go out of control. Organize your personal and official data into folders and subfolders on your laptop or on cloud storage. You will thank yourself for this action, once you get back to work and find everything in perfect order.

How to make the best out of quarantine-declutter-computer-woman-working-desktop

3. Go Within

If you find it impossible to sit with yourself,  or you always had a desire to spend some time in silence and meditation, then this is the best time. You can do it either with the help of an expert through an online course or through easily available guided meditations available on many online platforms, both free