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How to overcome disappointment quickly and completely?

Updated: Apr 27

I think if someone truly understands how to do this, they would truly be on their way to attaining nirvana. Isn’t it?

Between the battle of the all-knowing soul and the overactive mind, it is invariably the mind that wins in the end. That is why in spite of our better wisdom which is none other than our subconscious mind talking to us, telling us how inconsequential our disappointment is in most scenarios, we still choose to get disappointed easily and sometimes carry it around for eternity.

How to overcome disappointment quickly?

In my opinion, disappointment is an extension of our ego which firstly makes us take ourselves very seriously and secondly considers our reading of the situation to be the only reading, and the other party involved to be in the wrong. I think both eventualities are a direct reflection of our own lack of adaptability and high-headedness, if I may.

But here is the thing about disappointment or for that matter any negative emotion that we go through and that is :

We always have a choice to decide our response.

Some of you might be saying right now - “Yeah right as if it’s in my hands. It just happens.”

But that’s, not the truth. It is always in our hands. The only difference from person to person might be whether you are aware of this option that you can control it. Rather I would say you are the only person who can control it.

This awareness is built through spending time with yourself, in silence or in meditation or self-reflection on a daily basis which gives you a chance to address issues that might be hidden somewhere in your subconscious thought process and which come out only at times of reflection or meditation.