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My experience as a speaker at the workshop “Living without medicine”

When we talk about eating healthy food it is not, only to get into good shape or to reverse disease, as a punishment. It is about using nature’s gift to provide you with all the solutions for healing your body as you go about the job of living your life. As a doctor and a surgeon, people would look at me quizzically when I would suggest to them some food remedies for ailments especially for children and adults coming with symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

They would only want medicines and supplements, especially if their insurance company would pick up the bill, rather than altering eating habits.

So I would begin to explain that the medicines are just symptomatic relief which is ok for a few days but what after that. Every chronic condition needs to be treated from the root and food and lifestyle is a much better way to achieve it rather than pills, even if they are harmless multivitamins. It is any day better to pop in pomegranate seeds rather than an iron tablet.

Till a few generations back, in India, all ailments were managed in the kitchen of the house, not in the hospitals. I have grown up in an environment where there was faith in traditional medicine and home remedies, as is the case in most households in India.

When I was invited as a speaker in a workshop named “Living without medicine” at a beautiful outdoor location I was very excited. I was speaking alongside a naturopath and a botanist where each one gave their own take on how the right nutrition can heal the human body.

I was honored to be a part of such a workshop as this was my way of showing respect to the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and understanding more of Naturopathy and acknowledging their power to heal which very few doctors would want to give their stamp of approval to. Amongst the speakers was a cancer warrior as well, who spoke about how she fought and won over her cancer by a combination of modern medicine and traditional Naturopathy. It was indeed an inspiring story.