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The Basic of Meditation and How to Get Started

Consciously or unconsciously we are all seeking the peace of mind that meditation brings with it. But some of us fear the process of meditation and others consider it unnecessary and a waste of time. But do you know that all of us have our own ways of finding this peace? No way is right or wrong, but what gives us the most long-lasting peace is what we need to find.

How our hobbies help us?

For some of us, it is our own hobbies or past time which are meditative habits - like knitting, gardening, cycling, drawing, painting, and many more.

This is because when we are fully engaged, our attention is 100%, the mind becomes silent and that is when we succeed in restricting our extraneous thoughts to focus on one object or subject. The incessant internal chatting stops and this process then becomes very enjoyable and meditative.

The contentment we feel when our minds are absorbed often comes, less from the activity itself than from the fact that while concentrating our worries and problems are forgotten.

But why hobbies are not enough?

These kinds of activities bring us peace in short spans, as long as they absorb our interest. Once the mind is distracted again it returns to its normal routine of wandering, wasting its energy in thoughts of the past or dreams of the future. But very rarely in the present. And till that doesn't happen we aren't really living, rather we are in constant waiting for something to happen and that's when it never happens.

The Present and Meditation

It is only by being in the present that we open the lock to the potential of the unknown future completely. That is because when we are really in the present, understanding ourselves better every moment, in heightened awareness of what is happening and enjoying it to the fullest, the universe automatically guides you to your best possible future without us doing anything.