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The Truth About Diets for Weight Loss

Updated: Feb 12

The weight loss industry today, less in India (catching up real fast though) and more so in the rest of the world is succeeding today primarily due to the fear created in the minds of consumers about what matters most for health,  how you will not succeed if you are not following a certain diets which is trending right now.

With the number of different best diets available today they try to confuse you about what will work for weight loss and what won’t. Everyone wants a piece of you. With so many people out there thinking for you, it is but natural to stop thinking for yourself.

Unless you are a celebrity, who either has 24/7 advice so that you don’t have to think for yourself or you are a public figure who has to look a certain way all the time and therefore can spend that much in money and time, you need something more affordable and doable. It should also get you results.

So wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to turn our lives upside down to get fit or to eat healthy for weight loss. If we could just make some tweaks here and there to our routines & eating to start seeing changes……..wouldn’t that be great!! Trying to follow diets that you don’t identify with or you don’t understand is unnecessary.

From Atkins’s diet, paleolithic diet, alkaline diet to cleansing diet, fasting diet to now the new rave the keto diet or the low carb diet, the list is unending. So how do you decide, giving up what exactly, will really work for you? The answer is, you will never know unless you try each one of them and choose the one with the best results.

Or you can make intelligent, sustainable choices in your existing way of eating and exercising without the fear that you are doing something wrong just because you are not following the herd.

In India, if anyone hears a wrestler or bodybuilder speak, most of them are not from the big cities, they talk about eating a lot of whole grains flatbread (roti), clarified butter (ghee) and dairy products in abundance amongst other things and they do very well both health-wise and professionally.